I am the mother of three children all have special needs of some type. My oldest Asperger’s, my middle learning delays, and my youngest Autism, Epilepsy and Bi-Polar. I am really glad you are taking steps to help in this area. Kyle loves fire men and fire trucks. We have been visiting the local fire house since he was 2 and all the staff know him and love him. One has taken special interest in him. It surprises me the lack of understanding by some first responders when it comes to kids like Kyle. I think education and communication is the key. I have a wonderful co worker that is going around to a lot of the local first responders and giving presentations. If we all do something soon the majority of people will be informed. We have had to call to get help with behaviors, and calls for seizures. Luckily when he wanders he does not go far and stops and sits down. But we practice a lot if you get lost look for a police or fire man. He knows how to get to two of the local stations in walking distance. One day he was in the back yard and the trucks went by at the end of the street and my oldest comes around front and said Kyle was jumping fences to follow the truck. We found him pretty quickly but it was still scary.

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