Find Your Sprint Number on Republic Wireless

You will NOT be able to receive PASS Alarm notifications without using your Sprint RTN mobile number.  EveryRepublic phone has a second phone number that is used to deliver calls to the phone when Wi-Fi isn’t available.  The follow sets of instructions will help you find your Sprint number so that you can receivePASS Alarm notifications.  Use the appropriate method below depending on which model of phone you have to obtain your Sprint number and enter it in the Republic Wireless ONLY field of the PASS Alarm sign up form.

These instructions apply to the Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E


  1. Open the Phone app (the standard dialer that comes with the phone).
  2. Dial ##786#.
  3. The number shown for Mobile Number is your Sprint RTN number. (Record this numer to enter it in the RepublicWireless ONLY field of the PASS Alarm sign up form)
  4. Hit the Back or Home button to dismiss the information screen.

These instructions apply to the Defy XT

These instructions assume your phone has updated its software since you received it – you can confirm that by looking at Settings / About phone, and build number should be 1_65K_1027.  If it’s not, go to Settings / About phone / Phone updates / System updates to get updated THIS IS A MUST.   Also, youmust have cell service to complete these steps.

  1. Open Settings, tap About phone, then Phone updates, then Update profile.  Wait for that process to complete – the phone will reboot.
  2. Open Settings, tap Call Settings, then Voicemail settings, then Volcemail number.  The phone will display the Sprint RTN mobile number.  (Record this phone number to enter enter it in theRepublic Wireless ONLY field of the PASS Alarm sign up form)
  3. ** IMPORTANT **  Change the Voicemail number back to 214-664-9147 (Step 1 changes the phone’s Voicemail number to Sprint’s RTN mobile number).

Note:  If you’re using Google Voice for voicemail, you’ll need to look for the voicemail number assigned to “My carrier”, and there’s no need to complete step 3.