puzzle-alert-iphoneAs firefighters we are required to be prepared to using our PASS alarms in case of an emergency.  PASS, in our world, stands for Personal Alert Safety System and is designed to sound an alarm should we go down on a scene and are unable to get out on our own.  With that in mind Firefighters vs Autism is proud to pioneer the first PUZZLE ALERT SAFETY SYSTEM or PASS Alarm for the Autism community to help those that are unable to save themselves.  Due to the problem of wandering within the ASD community, we felt it paramount that we establish a rapid alert and response system in an effort to help prevent needless tragedies.  We encourage you to sign up to receive our notifications via email and/or text in the event of a lost or wandering person on the spectrum.  With this system, we can get alerts out within minutes to people by zip code, towns/cities, municipalities, counties, states/provinces or even nationally.  Although this is a preliminary system that we are able to provide through our website, we are looking to expand this system nationally with an automated alert that can be integrated with first reponders partnering with media and cellular carriers.

COMING SOON: Our next step of the PASS Alarm is to create the Puzzle Alert App. The app will make it easy to register and send out PASS Alarms with geographical accuracy. Once you have the app, you will get a notification if an individual with ASD is reported missing if your area. If your loved one goes missing, this alert will be sent immediately, without delay, to ensure that all in the area registered will receive notification as soon as you submit a PASS Alarm.

Please help us save the life of someone on the autism spectrum.  Sign up today for our current PASS Alarm and if you ever get an alert, take two minutes to look around you.  Help us complete our fundraising goal to make this app a reality for the Autism Community by donating now. We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit, so your donation is an eligible write off.

We are very close to our goal of making the Puzzle App a reality, but need your help to reach our fundraising goal!

If you are able to, please help support the app the Autism Community has been needing to prevent further wandering tragedies. 

We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit, so your donation is an eligible write off!